Young and Desperate

by Deltas

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Oh oh no
All hell is coming down
Oh oh no
We revel in the sound
Oh oh no
Theres no chance were going home
Oh oh no

Young and desperate disco kids
Hold tomorrow like a mortal sin

can’t believe the mess we’re in
As the fire burns so alive

There’s no chance we’re going home
There’s still reason left to fight

I’ll be ready when I go
So don’t try to save me now

don’t try to save me now

Young and desperate

All the forgotten disco kids
See life through eyes blinded by light

the world will find them singing
As they drink themselves to death

There’s a hope inside my chest
that’s beating for a fucking chance

As the world catches up to us
We run screaming wild and free

I’ll be ready when I go
So don’t try to save me now

Oh oh no
We’re young and we’re desperate


released 12 September 2011



all rights reserved


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